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A Divorce Is Never Easy

Nobody ever thinks they will have to sign divorce papers. If you find yourself in this situation, Jennifer R. Pullar, Esquire can help. Working with clients throughout Pennsylvania, Jennifer has handled the most complicated cases. Together we can find the light at the end of the tunnel so you can move forward.

Making Informed Decisions Regarding Your Future

There are many important decisions made when separating from your partner. Separating your assets can be difficult. As an equitable distribution state, a judge will split assets and debts subject to several statutory factors. It is important to note that this does not always mean it will be 50/50%. More importantly, proper valuation of assets is of paramount concern. While receiving an equitable division of assets is important, if those assets are under or over valuated, or if the assets are improperly valuated under Pennsylvania divorce law, you may be losing money that you never considered. Having a qualified attorney that understands the applicable valuation standards is key to financial success in a divorce.

The more property, cars, jewelry and art you have, the more complex it gets. In some cases, spousal support, alimony pendent lite (APL) and/or alimony may become necessary if one spouse has been financially supported by the other for the majority of the time in their marriage or if there are insufficient assets to care for the reasonable needs of a party. Jennifer R. Pullar is here to act as your strongest advocate throughout the difficult decisions you have to make. For those with children, you also are facing some tough choices. From child support to custody arrangements, having the right attorney at your side is crucial.

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