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How A Collaborative Divorce Can Work For You

Collaborative Divorce is the revolutionary new way to restructure your family, resolve your legal issues, avoid traditional court litigation, and move on with your life. There are many benefits to going through the collaborative law process during your divorce. For many couples, it can save you time, money and ensure that you’re starting the next chapter of life on a positive note. If you have children, you will likely need to co-parent with your former spouse, so learning how to work collaboratively together can reduce the stress level for children during the divorce process.

Jennifer R. Pullar, Esquire has two decades of experience helping individuals throughout the divorce process. She will take the time to explain the advantages of collaboration to you and determine whether this is a good fit for your situation.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act made collaborative divorces legal throughout the state. Collaborative practice is a customized client-centered approach through which families resolve divorce, child custody, spousal/child support and other legal issues respectfully and efficiently, avoiding litigation and focusing on solutions to meet each family’s unique need. The collaborative process respects your privacy, financial resources, values and time. All participants work together in a transparent, structured and supportive environment. Sometimes collaborative divorce discussions may involve consultations with third-party financial experts and/or mental health providers, but ultimately your attorney should be your guide.

Jennifer R. Pullar, Esq., will work closely with you to determine your needs and help you advocate for an agreement that works for you.

We Can Discuss Your Options

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