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Compassionate Family Law Representation

In family law cases, emotions often run high. Having someone who can think logically is crucial. Jennifer R. Pullar, Esquire, has represented clients throughout Pennsylvania. By explaining your options and discussing potential solutions, you can feel more confident in your decisions moving forward. Trust an attorney who has the knowledge you need.

Determining What Works For Your Situation

Separating from your partner is never easy. Even if the breakup is amicable, it is important to have a knowledgeable neutral source that will protect you and your rights. Our attorney, Jennifer R. Pullar, is here to act as your advocate. While the goal is to find something that works for everyone, Jennifer’s focus is not only your best interest now, but also your best financial interest in a few years once the dust settles. From high-asset divorces to spousal/child support, she will not back down from a challenge.  Jennifer has a strong understanding of divorce asset valuations, marital business valuations, and high-income support valuations. Jennifer works with various qualified financial professionals to achieve desired cost-effective results for use in a collaborative setting or as trial experts.  Jennifer holds the record in Butler County and in Pennsylvania for the maximum amount of child support awarded, obtaining $170,000 a month for a client in 2010 for two children, (upheld before the appellate courts).

Child custody is another area of the law in which Jennifer excels. Jennifer not only listens to her client’s custodial concerns, but she works to educate clients on the applicable child custody laws, standard custody practices and typical agreements. Jennifer encourages her clients to collaboratively create their own parenting or custody agreements. Jennifer provides her clients the tools to accomplish this in a cost-effective non-litigious environment. When matters cannot be resolved outside the courtroom, Jennifer is ready for the fight not only for her clients, but also for the children subject to the domestic turmoil.   Whether it is deciding on an initial custody arrangement or updating your custody schedule, trust a firm that cares about its clients.

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Jennifer R. Pullar is eager to help those who have questions regarding family law. To schedule an initial consultation, call our office in Butler County at 724-282-7222 today. You can also fill out this contact form. Don’t wait any longer to get answers.